Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage in Ogden – Healing House Massage


A Massage Regimen to Help Get You Through It


The Healing House Massage Center in Ogden offers inclusive Prenatal Massages. These massages are used to alleviate the different symptoms that come with a pregnancy. A Prenatal Massage could mean the difference in a symptom free pregnancy. Our Ogden staff is certified in prenatal massages and offer different types depending on your trimester and comfort levels. Give us a call today! It doesn’t matter if you are early on or near the end of your pregnancy. We have a massage regimen to help get you through it!

Prenatal Massage Techniques

The Healing House Massage Center in Ogden will use different techniques depending on what your symptoms are as well as how far along you are in your pregnancy. Pregnancy causes a lot of strain on your body and you will feel it. Our certified prenatal therapist will work with you on finding a position that is suitable for you to relax and enjoy your massage. These massages could be anything from a Swedish Massage to reflexology. It depends on what symptoms you are having and what you would like to address.

Prenatal Massage Benefits

There are many benefits to a prenatal massage. These massages are meant to help you to overcome everyday symptoms that may include headaches, swelling, aches, muscle spasms, as well as fatigue. You will end up with a better night of sleep as well as relaxation. By increasing blood flow you will get rid of toxins in your body as well as provide a more stable nutrient rich pregnancy for your baby. These massages will also help to reduce anxiety and help you to get on a better set sleep pattern when done regularly.