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Massage Services

Massage Services in Ogden – Healing House Massage


Feel Great and Ready to Tackle Whatever is Next


The Healing House Massage Center in Ogden covers all types of massage services. Massages help with many different things and will benefit anyone who comes to our office. Our staff is certified and ready to help you with massage services. Our center offers all types of massage services including foot zoning and reflexology.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy consists of all types of massages. Some may be for injury or stress and others for therapy after an injury. We even use massages to cure headaches. Stress causes your muscles to tighten and as they tighten they begin to pull and hurt. A session with one of our certified Ogden staff will have you feeling great and ready to tackle whatever is next.

We also offer deep tissue massages that benefit the athlete or physical worker. These types of massages really help your muscles after they are pushed to the limit. These massages go deep into the muscle tissue to promote blood circulation and work out any pulls or strains you may have.

Work or sport related injuries are also commonly helped with massages. Our staff know what works best by what injury you have. If you have suffered an injury then stop by. Our massages help to release the pain as well as loosen the muscles and promote blood circulation. This in turn helps to heal.

We also offer massages for pregnant women. These massages help to alleviate any pain or swelling from your pregnancy. This is a lifesaver for many women and helps them through their pregnancy. Massage therapy works for many different issues and The Healing House Massage Center in Ogden is here to make you feel great. Give us a call today. The benefits of massage is able to reduce blood pressure, headaches, swelling, and other injuries.