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Foot Zoning

Foot Zoning in Ogden – Healing House Massage


Gain Early Detection of Certain Imbalances


The Healing House Massage Center in Ogden has our very own certified foot zoning specialist. Our customers have been enjoying the benefits of expert foot zoning techniques. Foot Zoning is where you use zones in your feet to heal other parts of the body. This is a holistic approach that shows you the connection of your entire muscle and circulation system. Everyone can benefit from foot zoning and will start feeling even better!

All of the nerve endings end in your feet and within each persons feet lie a detailed and complex signal system. This signal system is thought to be connected to every part of the human anatomy the circulatory, lymphatic, nervous, skeletal, endocrine, digestive, respiratory, reproductive and muscular systems as well as the emotional and spiritual bodies. A licensed foot zoner will go over that signal system and release anything that could be bothering you. Balancing our spiritual, mental, emotional, physical putting our body into a balance.
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Foot Zoning Techniques

Foot Zoning is where you press on a certain part of the foot with a direct pressure. The specialist uses your feet to determine what imbalances you may have in your body. They use this to send signals via your spinal cord to other parts of your body to promote healing and relaxation. This is a very precise massage that should only be done by a professional. Give The Healing House Massage Center in Ogden a visit today to see what foot zoning can do for your body. We know you will enjoy the benefits!

Foot Zoning Benefits

The benefits of foot zoning are many. Through foot zoning you gain early detection of certain imbalances in your body. The Healing House Massage Center in Ogden is able to treat these imbalances as they occur. Foot Zoning increases blood flow, helps with hormonal imbalances as well as digestion and lymph flow. Foot Zoning also helps with rejuvenating your energy as well as renewing cell systems. This brings your body into balance and improves your overall health. Give foot zoning a chance and feel the difference. We know you won’t be disappointed.