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Additional Services

Additional Services – Healing House Massage 


Additional Services

The Healing House Massage Center in Ogden has only the most certified staff at our center. We take pride in our company and offer great offers and many different services for the residents of Ogden.

Ionic foot bath

The ionic machine has a ion plugged into it, then the ion sits inside a foot bath filled with just water. The ion puts a vibrancy into the water to help pull toxins through our feet. The water will change color depending on what part of the body its pulling from for instance green: Gallbladder, Orange: Joints and muscles etc....can help with tiredness, headaches, poor sleep, nausea constipation, sluggishness, allergies,hormone imbalance, stress, depression, lowered immunity, overweight, anxiety, candida, eczema

Ear Candling

A gentle, non invasive treatment that removes ear and head pressure. This treatment can be done every 6 months and takes less than 30 minutes. It can help with compacted ear wax, hay fever, migraines, ear infections, vertigo, snoring and sinus problems.