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Healing House Massage Center

Massage Therapist - Reiki - Reflexology - Serving Ogden

Relaxation Getaway

The Healing House Massage Center located in the heart of Ogden covers all types of massage services. We are certified, insured, and licensed in the Ogden area and use massage therapy to help with many different problems. Our massages help with stress, injury, and therapy. We use different types of massages for different problems. Our certified staff is able to consult with you on what advantages each massage has and what we would recommend. Give us a call today if you are in search of the ultimate relaxation getaway.


Massages help everyone. In today’s world, everyone is running non-stop and not thinking about themselves. Our massages are here to wipe that stress away. We also use massage therapy to help with sports and other related injuries. We even have massages for headaches. The pain of a headache is unbearable, but our massage therapist will take your headache away and ease your pains. The Healing House Massage Center also offers foot zoning and hot stone massages. These are specialty messages that work on certain areas of your body to make you feel better.

Foot Zoning

The Healing House Massage Center located in Ogden offers Foot Zoning as well as many other types of massages. Foot Zoning is a type of massage that is used to massage certain areas to help other parts of the body. This does not cure health disorders, but used along with other treatments will help tremendously. Give us a call today to hear about all our services and to schedule an appointment today!


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